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Frank Brown, aka: Bungalow Brown to his clients. Founder, NC Broker-In-Charge, Artist and VA Class “A” Building Contractor.

Member: National Association, NC Association, VA Association of REALTORS. Western NC Regional MLS and the VA/TN Regional MLS.

Asheville Board of REALTORS,  SWVA Association of REALTORS, Triangle International Council of REALTORS, Preservation Society of Asheville & Buncombe County. Email:  Skype Name: BungalowBrown1910  Cell Phone: 828-989-6556

Born: Franklin Dewey Brown, Jr. to a young, married couple living in a second floor apartment of a Craftsman Bungalow in Blacksburg, VA during his father’s senior year at Virginia Polytechnis Institute & State University (VA Tech). Frank, Jr. was raised in a two story Craftsman Bungalow constructed in 1929 and purchased in 1957 by his parents on Stonewall Heights in the historic town of Abingdon, VA. As a boy he lived in this neighborhood with its mix of classic Arts & Crafts Era bungalow styles: Tudor, Craftsman, Colonial and Spanish Colonial Revival styles. Years later as a new real estate broker, he began to realize how as a 10 year old boy, his passion for studying wooden ship construction details, like white oak ship’s knees used in deck supports, building models and eventually a full size 22 foot sailboat naturally complemented his new found love of the arts & crafts era homes. Frank was now attracted to the medieval half-timbers, wrought iron details, quarter-sawn white oak mill-work, strong yet simple furnature, clinker brick and the wonderful windows found in bungalows. He discovered the Arts & Crafts Movement and it’s connection with the natural world. He did not find it unusual for a chimney to appear to grow out of the ground as it’s tapered shape matched the shape of a tree’s trunk. The foundations were formed with large native stones, then became mixed with smaller stones and brick until only brick supported the wooden frame. Again the home appeared to grow out of the ground and when native plants are added, the bungalow appears to be a natural part of the landscape.

The Clipper Ship’s he knew so well were designed to be strong, with the simple function of carrying cargo in a beautiful form which effortlessly sliced through the sea with speed. Where the ship has speed, the bungalows has style; both were built strong with quality local materials, creating their own unique character and charm which invites one to carefully study their lines. The ships were made to be one with the sea and the bungalows were designed to be one with the earth and be a natural place for us to dwell. The bungalow floor plans typically flow from a cozy yet bright living room with fireplace, out through French Doors to a covered porch, to a vine covered pergola, down to a patio and finally out onto a lawn surrounded by native trees. Plus, they usually have the bonus of a little vegetable/flower garden. As Frank pursues his ever expanding interest in the arts & crafts movement and the way it  influences American home design, his mother recently stated it very simply, “No wonder you like them, you grew up in one”! Many of his clients did also and now they want that simple way of life back again!

Frank and his wife purchased several classic bungalows over the years, restored them to their original glory and occupy one at 461 West Main Street in Abingdon as an office for Highlands Realty, Inc. Visit:  His grandfather was a real estate broker in southwestern Virginia for 49 years “Pat Arington Land Auction Co.” and his mother was also licensed in VA for many years. As a third generation real estate broker, who grew up in bungalows, it is no surprise that he feels most at home in a bungalow and would choose to share his knowledge and passion with those who seek the bungalow lifestyle in Asheville. His hobby is identifying the Sears & Roebuck, Aladdin and Gordon-Van Tine catalogue kit bungalows.

Frank is a successful business man, founder and president of two other active real estate firms, owns commercial and rental property and holds a BA in Art from VA Tech. He uses his builder’s eye to evaluate the architectural details of bungalows in the Asheville area and his art degree to photograph their most unique elements. He is happily married to his wife of 34 years, Kathleen, who also holds a NC, TN and VA Brokers License and they have 2 wonderful, grown children. For the last 15 years Frank Brown, the broker/artist has studied most every aspect of the bungalow lifestyle and continues to finds himself enthralled and amazed by every new subject. He now shares his knowledge by offering a class once per month which covers the identification of the many bungalow styles, their exterior features and lifestyle benefits. Frank loves all the Craftsman style decor including period and reproduction lighting, furnishings, paintings, carpets, historic colors, fabrics, clocks, mailboxes and kitchen cabinets. His seminar describes the bungalow window styles as a key design element, it’s soul and he feels one should not slap in vinyl replacement windows with blank sashes which take away the soul and look like a blank stare. He suggests local expert craftsmen who can repair and restore original Arts & Crafts windows. He maintains an extensive library on the various subjects he studies and occasionally loans his books to his clients. YOU ARE INVITED, check our News & Events calender for the next seminar date and time. Please remember and plan to attend the 26th Annual Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference in Feb 2013. Built in 1913, next year is the 100th anniversary of the opening of Asheville’s world famous hotel and spa. For more information on next years conference please visit: Frank and his wife have been attending the conference for 15 years.

No matter which Arts and Crafts Era home style you prefer, you can find it in Asheville, NC. They are all here by the dozens; Tudor styles, Mediterranean, Colonial Revival, Prairie, Mission, Spanish Eclectic, Craftsman, Italian Renaissance, French Eclectic and Neoclassical homes. You will also find a variety of Victorian homes which preceded the Arts & Crafts Era and fine examples of the Art Deco Style in Asheville’s Historic Downtown District, starting with the Art Deco Masterpiece City Hall, constructed in 1927. When out showing property in this truly unique place he calls home, Frank Brown enjoys his client’s reaction to discovering an “Airplane” Bungalow for the first time with it’s Japanese influences. He loves to provide, prompt, courteous service and to help guide his buyer clients through the buying process until they are confident they have found the “right bungalow” and the perfect neighborhood. After 23 years in the business, he is not all about the money, Frank is dedicated to making sure his clients feel assured and knowledgeable about the decisions they make when buying their new home. Asheville Bungalows was formed to specialize in the marketing and sale the wonderful variety of Arts & Crafts Style Homes in the Asheville Area. Their clients benefit from the expert knowledge of a Broker-in-Charge who is both a Master Builder of the Craftsman Style and a seasoned real estate broker licensed in NC, TN & VA. As of December, 2012 Frank has helped a total of 1,540 people sell or find a home they loved. Frank really enjoys his work and has fun along the way showing his clients unique bungalows tucked away in quiet places around Asheville. He is easy to reach since he lives with his smart-phone by his side so send an email, call or text: 828-989-6556 today. Thanks again for visiting our website! Everyone told me you would not read all this, so if you did then I consider you a friend and a scholar!